boys oil painting expressionist colour pissing

Peter and Paul 3 (sold)

Sundays boy (sold)

memories landscape stories earthed orb scratch conversation actions lightning

Earthing Stories (sold)

Peter and Paul (sold)

horse home grave story memory oil on canvas landscape nocturnal orb expressionist contrast

She’s buried in the corner of the Pump field

landscape horse story telling imaginary colourful oil paintin

She’s buried in the corner of the Pump field…

fairy land landscape house home memories protection dark pink

Draiocht (sold)

gasmask, landscape, female, bretton dress, straightjacket, filter, eyes france.


horse, landscape, colours, chagall, yeats, pink, water, landscape,dream, future

Artems Dream

boy, orbs, soil, waiting, stories, colours.

The soil is humming…

cross, red door, cherry blossom, ladder, sugar skull, water source, waiting, tear, cycllops, pink, blake

The Source

house, trees, hidden, oil on board, fence, landscape, orb, crosssection, farmstead.

House through the trees…

In the house by the water…

La muse inn, church cypresse tree, blue sky, oil on linen, painting, france cross, peter doig candy pink purple yellow cezanne vangogh stories journey hilltop landscape building


oil on linen, expressionist, colours, cubby house, treehouse, children, childhood, stories, painting,

Spy House

grafitti, boys, sweet machine, bulls eye, colour, doig, street scene, truent, gurrier, friends, mickey mouse, infinity, skulls, tatoos

Bulls Eyes

grafitti boy spray cans treehouse landscape jumper colour childhood expressionism brushsrokes faceless

Spray- Can – Boy

Treehouse 2, oil on canvas, 2015 boys painting dreamlike childhood countryside

Tree House 2 (sold)

oil on board painting boy stilts expressionism treehouse

The ground is hot (sold)

boys bull goliath painting oil colour

Facing Goliath

She wore her good coat…(sold)

oil on board, painting, semi abstract, pink, grafitti


Belfast Lady

oil canvas landscape figure box arora aborialus expressionism

Son Down (sold)

oil on canvas church white brides expressionist

Going to church (sold)

Lady Magenta (sold)

oil on canvas pink sky treehouses surreal landscape

Dear Peter I found pink… (sold)

landscape dream expressionism figures colour tree house

Peter and Paul (sold)

oil on board, painting, boy, lonely landscape

The Orange Boy

horse landscape grief mourn death storm oil on canvas expressionism

She’s Down (sold)

portrait female blue semi abstract.

once seen

She was the first…

Lady with Foxglove

female nude impressionist style, burnt orange oil on canvas, female entering an unknown space. The string a connection to the past or a way back? 15cm x 20cm

Wander Near (sold)


Painting of a boxer inspied byJack B Yeats.

The Boxer (sold)

We lived with grandmother growing up and for years after her death I often found pieces of her dress jewellery in the oddest places. Once I found was a cameo brooch.This findinspired this faceless lady holding a piece of string.

Cameo II

faceless lady wire threaded through her brain exiting her ear like a tightrope.

Balance (sold)

Red Room

Lady Blue (sold)

Portait of a woman yellow Marie Antoinette style hair.

Notions, blue 1 (sold)

Notions, blue 2 (sold)

oil on canvas, 20cm x 20cm, part 3 of triptych.

Notions, blue 3 (sold)

Lady Red

Yellow Land (sold)

Lady Auburn I (sold)

This portrait was painted at the same time as "Untitled Man". This painting is an allegorical reply to the traditional portrayal of the religious imagery of Mary in houses. A woman with a twisted scarf around her head of African origin replaces a delicate white, supple skinned Mary with flowing veil.

Untitled Lady

Lady Auburn II

Portrait of females inspired by the cameo brooch and 1950's photography.

Mute Shades 2 & 3 (sold)